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Badminton Court Flooring

Badminton Court Flooring
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Since the mid 18th century, badminton became a popular sport with the then known British India. The sport was created as a recreational activity among the British soldier who was stationed in India at that time. The court consisted of either wooden tiles, concrete floors or vinyl sheets in a quadrangular area. A net was used to divide the playing area with the challenger on one end and the defender playing on the other. The game was played with a shuttlecock, a net in the center and rackets. The net was a border in between the court. The game was played and the points were designated by whether the chance to hit the shuttlecock over the net again was missed. The latest designs in badminton court flooring are incredible. With synthetic resin, vinyl flooring and woody floorings made from the best wood timber and polished to give the best game appearance.


Indoor Badminton Floorings : 

The wood-based floorings are mostly used in playing areas within a building such as an indoor arena, stadium or ground, even in sports clubs and indoor sports games and grounds used for training and badminton practices being played by professionals or amateur athletes. We at Apex Sports Surfaces provide badminton court floors with accessories like nets, shuttlecock, and racquets for all standard and international levels of badminton game sports. Our courts are designed with high technology base paints and lacquer polishing to help the player have a better output on his or her games. We also enforce good quality floorings, with accurate line markings and flooring courts that our BWF that is Badminton World Federation approved.


Outdoor badminton floorings : 

We are popular amongst our clients who seek nets, racquets and most importantly, strong and safe badminton court floorings to cover various applications. Whether it's indoors or outdoors in a stadium, or simply in the backyard of your home we provide custom and standard dimension badminton court flooring for playing field. We have a huge clientele that are sports enthusiasts who love playing on our court grounds and stadium field. Playing on many of our vinyl based floorings or opting for our wooden flooring courts.


Features : 

Our top performing badminton court floor systems are available with different technical specifications and requirements that best suit our customers. Our vinyl and timber wooden floorings do not emit any odors after being installed and once placed, pieces of equipment like the net can immediately be installed and the fun and games playing can proceed. With Apex Sports Surfaces as your sports court flooring company, you can rest assured, that you won't face additional maintenance and cost repairing. This unwanted expenses can bring a real pinch to the pocket when used for longer hours of badminton playing. Our court floorings areas, whether timber wooden floorings or Vinyl floorings can protect those costings and has the capacity to handle impact pressure and foot traction from playing on the court even if exposed for long hours. You are on the right track when you choose Apex Sports Surfaces as a manufacturer and suppliers for your badminton sports floorings. Upgrade your game with our premium patterned vinyl and timber wood sports flooring.Take your pick, 


Vinyl flooring or wooden flooring?

  • Vinyl sports flooring : Vinyl floorings are known for their great shock absorbancy which is crucial for all those stretch and strain jerking maneuvers for a badminton game. The easy access and grip required to move on the playing area without falling or slipping, sliding, and also help reduce the chances of the shuttlecock slamming on the net or it falling within the net boundary of your own court while playing is what we have successfully strived to achieve. We stringently check for quality with levels to meet WBF standards, so you know we mean professional playing. Even our accessories like nets and badminton equipment are available with us. We are top, asa badminton court manufacturer. Apex offer our clients Vinyl court floorings with athletes ability for a sudden sprint, acceleration, and lateral displacement while changing direction in the badminton games increasing their playing potential. Our Vinyl floorings for badminton courts are resistant to certain chemicals which helps to track and remove stains and other such foreign contaminants incurred while playing.
  • Wooden sports floorings : As Apex is considered the best manufacturer for wooden sports floorings, we are used by many of our clients for professional playing. Made from the finest wooden timber, we use maple wood flooring, to give our users the best game merits possible to badminton games. Our badminton wooden court floorings are made up of cushion rubber paddings that are finally topped with strong timber wood that is treated with an anti-termite solution, protecting your wooden floor from insects and other rotting related complications. The wooden floor is then polished with a lacquer material on the woody surface texture to give a shiny and yet antiglare appearance that is pleasing to the eye. This games flooring can be installed in multi-purpose games and wooden badminton based floorings which are easily cleanable and have low maintenance resolution for our reputed clients. Just remember that if its quality playing badminton courts you seek then wooden floorings are the most excellent choice with manufacturers like Apex for indoor area surfaces.


Apex badminton sports surfaces :

  • Apex Sports Surfaces are entrepreneurs in manufacturing state of the art designed badminton courts. Our seamless flooring courts, whether Vinyl based or wood, have been designed and patterned to meet customers specifications without hampering the quality of the product. We also provide budget-friendly prices and advice on what would be the most cost-effective solution for our clients.
  • We stress on quality in our badminton sorts floorings court surfaces and use only the best trending raw material and manufacturing theses floorings from scratch at our manufacturing unit. It is then shipped out in custom or standard dimensions within the designated time frame to help our customers receive our BWF qualified badminton courts on a priority basis. Badminton is a game that expresses mental fitness, high speed, flexibility, aerobic qualities, physical endurance, agility, skills and stamina o an athlete. Badminton is also one of the most popular played games in Asia. All Apex Sorts floorings have elastic polyurethane coatings that help maintain the court keeping them clean and efficient.


Merits using our badminton courts : 

  • Easy and quick installations
  • Net, racquet, shuttlecock availability
  • Our floorings maybe applied to tile, stone or even concrete areas
  • Anti-slip and anti-skid
  • Customised choice of thickness and rubber cushion padding.
  • Advice on best flooring after area inspection
  • On-site testing while installation
  • Excellent flooring with an even leveling
  • Visible and clear markings of game lines
  • Excellent for Indoor applications with no odor
  • Our Technical Specifications
  • High-end quality rubber paddings designed to maximize players comfort levels
  • Vast thickness range 77mm – 89mm
  • Customised design by clients technical requirements
  • Plywood option available
  • Termite treated floorings
  • Excellent ball rebound and greater athletic grip


Bonus with Apex : 

  • Constricted as per International Badminton Court Technical Specifications
  • Superior quality lacquer for maximized durability
  • Incorporating latest technology and trends from USA sports flooring technology
  • Fantastic appearance
  • Multicolor design and customized design
  • Big Bonus Advantages
  • Multicolored options for custom design
  • Affordable market prices on al badminton floorings and accessories such as net, racquets, shuttlecock, etc.
  • Warranty available for clients


Our Areas of Application : 

  • Universities and college badminton courts
  • Army camps, government recreational flooring courts
  • Indoor Clubs and arena area badminton flooring courts
  • Nets, shuttlecock, racquets and other accessories for Badminton
  • School and public sector badminton court
  • Other Recreational badminton courts
  • Residential and private backyard badminton courts
  • Customised badminton flooring
  • Vinyl and wooden requirement badminton courts


Important things you must remember when picking the right badminton court flooring : 

  • Durability and superior quality
  • Indoor and outdoor courts custom patterned
  • Cost effective and Economical
  • No slippery and equally leveled flooring courts
  • No additional money burns from maintenance
  • Easy stain removal and surface treatment
  • Abrasive and foreign contaminant resistant
  • Wear and tear and Impact Resistant

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