Latest Products Latest Products Thu, 30 Jun 2022 19:08:33 +0530 en-us Indoor Sports Floorings Thu, 16 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 We are prominent manufacturers, suppliers and service providers from Mumbai, Maharashtra dealing with sports floorings. We offer a huge range of Indoor Sports Floorings that include floorings for wooden squash court, wooden badminton court, wooden table tennis court, and others. Acrylic Synthetic Court Floorings Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Vinyl Flooring Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Apex Sports offers you a deal of a lifetime, with heterogeneous floorings that are Vinyl based. We ensure that all athletes, have an excelled advantage on the playfield designed and installed by us. We are entrepreneurs in design, product finishing, and custom sports surface terrains. We are well reputed for our delivery in technical detailing and knowledge with a vast experience, that is influenced by USA based research and technology. A cross breed of polymer systems helps design and accommodate wear layers, to ensure low maintenance and an outstanding wear resistance in the life expiration of the installed sports vinyl flooring. The flooring can easily be installed in a very prompt and accurate efficiency, due to its high flexibility ratio and only periodic maintenance. It is considered as the perfect solution to incorporate, where projects are on a tight budget and still needs a good sports texture flooring requirement.   Applications : The sports Vinyl flooring is used exclusively in multiplay sports activities. Vinyl badminton Court is designed using this characteristics and properties for better performance on players abilities. They can be temporarily fitted and layered for events and games and makes it very useful where multi games are played to increase the flexibility of the area. Sports PVC Vinyl Flooring is widely used on a global scale and has gained popularity in its advantages on playing field. Our BWF/FIBA Approved Vinyl Flooring is top notch, with versatility, an abundance of colour options and are easy to maintain and clean. We offer very affordable rates, for a much superior quality finishing. All our Apex Sports products are International and National approved, making them the best purchase you have ever made.   Technical Specifications : Internationally approved quality with a product thickness ranging from 6.7mm – 10 mm. Fitted with thick foam padding and tough Vinyl wear layer to a maximum size of 1.5 mm We also have a range of 5 mm products and 4 mm products in multi colour, where 5 mm is used in multi-purpose solutions and 4 mm for cost cuttings   Product : Apex Sports vinyl products are well tested and approved by us, under a number of International parameters. We make sure all our products for floorings are well certified by the BWF, FIBA, ITTF and wholes the highest compelling performance, compared to any other standards of sports flooring. We ensure all our tests prove better quality and adherence, in terms of resistant to complex problems like weather, abrasive, shock, water, chemicals, and ball bounce.   Technical Specification : Thickness availability in 10 mm – 4 mm Warranty depends on product specification Extreme superior quality in PUR coating for high micron density for below protection Thick Vinyl Layer for T class wear USA based Technology and Influence Glass fiber to ensure dimensional stability Delamination avoided overtime with thicker foam layer Passed all Sports test and safety technical character adherence   Advantages : Multiple Thickness that offers a detailed lower Budget costing and advance technical requirements International Certifications and Approved by BWF, FIBA & ITTF Warranties available Bulk capability and prompt delivery Best affordable market rates Tested and quality approved by Apex Sports expertise Experience and knowledge in long-term installations   Applications : Indoor facilities with Multi Sports Gaming Indoor basketball courts Billiards and Snooker sets Indoor Badminton courts Indoor volleyball courts Ring football Dance Arenas Table Tennis Courts Yoga and meditation Children Play Areas PU Flooring Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Apex Sports offers athletes a chance to ensure the best sports by maximising a players potential. We are well reputed as a branded company because of all our superior raw materials and previous flooring designs. PU flooring is the best known for its plastic quality, that has its own features best suitable for any design, that requires long-term usage. We deliver PU floorings for multi-purpose sports activities and never seem to fall back on performance and quality. At Apex Sports, we design PU floorings based on our knowledge and experience shared with USA based designs and formulas. All our floorings meet the international level of surface excellence for all sports activities. We offer tailor-made custom designs to our clients, in the case of private sectors and sophisticated gyms, that require specific designs. All our PU floorings, come with a variety of colours to choose from and we also offer our clients the choice of LOGO designs, inserted into the flooring.   We run stringent inspections and constantly test all our floorings for any resistance capabilities, to maintain international Olympic standards. With our seamless construction and designs, we can create a combination of colours on a single floor surface. All our designs are used in various traditional and contemporary sports.   Products : We offer PU flooring for Indoor Capacity, that can be sustained as per the requirement of the interior spacing PU floorings are personally constructed onsite and best engineered to suit the arena Multiple colour designs and thickness is available   Technical Specifications : USA based Designs and Research on technology Wear Layers of up to 2mm thickness UV coating for indoor open arenas Warranty availability with floor protection Certified by ITF, FIBA & BWF etc. International and national Standards approved PU systems available with multi-thickness from 5mm – 14 mm Excellent Shock Absorption   Advantages : Seamless PU Flooring Multiple usages due to low indentation Longer lifespan than outdoor floorings Resurfacing with new colurs, can be easily implemented Individual detachment to maintain any changes or repairs without removing Easy and cost-effective to maintain   Application : Indoor Arenas Tennis Indoor Courts Multi-purpose usage Indoor Basketball Ring Football Terraces and Residential Landscapes   All Apex Sports PU flooring surfaces are available to our customers at phenomenal market value rates that are easily affordable and require the least amount of maintenance, that helps maintain sports budgets. All our PU flooring surfaces can be used in high established Gyms and multi-sports arenas, that demand high technical characteristics, and toughness. Using high-quality polyurethane in the flooring manufacturing, with a variety of thickness and custom colour options. We are entrusted with providing the best performance flooring, to ensure all sports activities that are played on it, are from the highest yielding player performance. Wooden Flooring Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 If an indoor sports court is being built or renewed, a dance studio or a multipurpose arena with hardwood wooden flooring, the best solution will be found here. Apex is aManufacturer and Supplierof high quality solid wood boards or wooden flooring for all types of sport courts and gyms, including basketball courts, handball courts, volleyball courts, futsal pitches, racquet courts, squash courts and multipurpose arenas.Apex is the technical expertise to design and supply the optimal performing high quality solid hardwood wooden flooring boards, with experience gained from a Manufacturer of solid hardwood floors boards since a long period. Our wooden flooringboards has the solutions that suit all indoor sports and activity areas that are, gyms, athletic facilities, fitness wooden flooring, and multipurpose rooms. Apex has fabricated basketball wooden floors boards and dance wooden floors for many consumers, also is a very substantial supplier of sports floor systems. Apex sports floors haveunique area-elastic characteristics that give unique performance and this gives athletes protection against injury, the ultimate freedom of movement and ensures that they can achieve their best.   Solid hardwood flooring :  Unlimited options are available for designing a room, and Apex provides a solid hardwoodwooden floor that has a natural beauty that givingvarious design options. AnApexwooden floor creates classic harmony, which is stylish and distinctive at the same time. We make and supply wide product range of wood species, wooden floor types, colors and textures. The customers will definitely find something that suits their taste. Apex floors boards are suppliedprefinished from the factory with either urethane or oil. Weguaranteethe use with underfloor heating that is easy to maintain and is created for generations of use. Apex offers Indoor sports and Outdoor Sports Surfaces. There is a wide range of sports surfaces used in various areas such as Clubs, Schools, Hotels, Gymkhanas, Stadiums, Universities, Hotels, Armed Forces and many more. Apex provides products for Basketball Court, Volleyball Court, Badminton Court, Squash Court and Tennis Court. We also offer floorings for Construction Services of sports courts and Surfaces. We also offer Multipurpose Hall for indoorsports games, apart from these surfaces.Apex has achieved success in catering to the requirements of esteemed clients by offering quality Wooden Floorings, owing to our great experience. We are the Manufacturerof wooden floorings that are beingmanufactured by the experts following the norms and standards of FIBA, WSF, MFMA and DIN specifications and these experts make the most use of solid wood, single stripe in the manufacturing of these floorings.The floorings made by us are seasoned and grooved to perfection and coated with polyurethanes for moisture proneness. Floorings are manufactured in a way that they are easy to maintain and suitable for games like squash, badminton, gymnastic, aerobics and basketball or indoor volley ball. We are the experienced manufacturer of the above mentioned floors.   Maple Hardwood Sports Flooring : The traditional choice for basketball is Maple wooden hardwood or Maple Wood Flooring. More than any indoor sportsflooring, the hardwood woodencourts are available more. As the maple wooden hardwood is the traditional choice. Maple hardwood flooring is strong and long-lastingdurability with great strength and fulfilling Technical Specifications.Maple Wood Flooring prevalence makes them preferred more for competitive sports by using hardwood floorings. There are many coaches and teams that wants to play on the same type of surface at home and outdoors too. Young generation want to be accustomed to wooden hardwood as they advance toward professional competition. High maintenance costs and less versatility is the downside to hardwood wooden floorings. Vinyl is a wood pattern that has become a popular alternative due that reason. Vinyl is an alternative to Maple Wood Sports Flooring. The traditional choice for basketball is Maple wooden hardwood. As the maple wooden hardwood is the traditional choice, Maple Wood Sports Flooring remains strong and long-lastingdurability with great strength. The maple floors can be used for a longer time and the maple floorings can be used as an alternative to any other hardwood floors. Apex is a growing name for Maple Wood Manufacturers and is progressing as a Maple Wood Manufacturers.   Pad and Pour Polyurethane : A pad and pour polyurethane is one of the toughest and most durable sports wooden flooring solutions. Suitable for basketball and other indoor activities, this pad and pour polyurethane floorstands up to high point loads and rolling loads. A pad and pour polyurethane is an excellent option in case of a need for a surface in sports that also can withstand heavy equipment. We have the only sports flooring system that is completely seamless and is common in field houses and multipurpose areas. Apex has the majority experience in manufacturing and supplying the best wooden floorings with smooth surface that is Easy to install and has Dimensional accuracy.   Recycled Rubber with EPDM :  For more practicality apart from a competitive game, a recycled rubber with EPDM is used. They are perfectly suitable for floorings highly used in a weight room, training room, or fitness center, this is the ideal surface. Commonly available in easy installation rolls or tiles, this recycled rubber with EPDM chips are the correct options.   Linoleum for Sports : Apex Sports is one of the leading companies in this category. Apex provides special shock absorbing floor which is ideal for light recreational activities in kindergartens, elementary school gyms. With very low maintenance cost, it has extreme abrasion resistance.It remains and maintains its sustainability in all kind of environments.   Sports Vinyl :  Apex is a manufacturer and provides a high standard of shock absorption, uniformity, and comfort for athletes. Our floorings are ideal for basketball, volleyball, and many other different activities, but it really excels in multipurpose gymnasiums. We make floors or floorings not only for sports, but conferences, assemblies, and events. Making a good choice will be a shock absorbing Sports vinyl floor. Hence, due to this, it is most common in schools, community centers, and churches.   Teak Wood Sports Flooring :  The support of our team and seasoned designers has come with an amazing range of teak wood floors. The teak wood floorings are specially manufactured by our talented professionals that use the best quality teak wood as well contemporary techniques as followed the industry laid norms. The quality inspectors do a numerous inspection on the teak wood and the inspection procedures of teak wood on the offered range using advanced testing techniques. Plus we provide our clients with high quality teak wood that is attractive and gives a perfect finish. With an amazing range of teak wood floors, our team and seasoned designers has come with an amazing range of the teak wood sports floorings. Specially manufactured by the seasoned professionals this teak wood floorings are the best quality teak wood as well contemporary techniques as followed the industry laid norms.Apex is a famous Teak Wood Sports Floor Board Supplier, and is progressively doing well as Teak Wood Sports Floor Board Supplier. Teak Wood manufacturer has to use a good quality teak wood and apex is famous as Teak Wood manufacturer.   Air Cush Wooden Flooring : Air Cush Wooden Flooring is safe and injury free sports floor giving excellent and consistent resiliency, friction and ball bounce.We offer you a complete choice of products which include Air Cush Badminton Court Flooring, Air Cush Basketball Court Flooring, Air Cush Squash Court Flooring, Air Cush Volleyball Court Flooring and Squash Court Air Cush Wooden Flooring.Air-Cush Multipurpose Hall is intended to fulfill the need for a sizeable hall for various functions and sporting activities. Air-Cush Wooden Flooring is safe and injury free and Apex maintains to keep their Air-cush Wooden Flooring safe for the longest time.   Auditorium Stage Wooden Flooring :  Auditorium Stage floorings are expected to maintain their attractive appeal and functional performance. Auditorium Stage floorings has to be simple yet classic for schools, offices etc where auditorium Stage are majority in use. Many of the schools now daysturn away from traditional carpeting in auditoriumsStageas there is high lifecycle cost and not at all Low Maintenanceof vacuuming, shampooing, stain and odor removal.Auditorium floorsStage certainly see their share of abrasive foot trafficwith ongoing school plays, music performances, ceremonies and other programs, educational and institutional auditorium floors certainly see their share of abrasive foot traffic.Apex floorings provide the perfect water proof solution with great advantages for auditoriumsStage. Apex floorings have great applications in several places. Auditorium Wooden Flooring needs great experience and Apex is a well known Auditorium Wooden Flooring manufacturer. The manufacturer needs to maintain good quality for Auditorium Stage Wooden Flooring. Apex sports is a well known Wooden Sports Flooring Manufacturer that has a great experience as Wood Sports Flooring Manufacturers in India. Squash Court Flooring Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Apex Sports has great pride in the production of Squash Court Floorings, especially considering, we were the first to be WSF approved in India, for our state of the art International standard of Squash court. We have turnkey solutions, for all squash court construction, that incorporates all qualities and norms required for a full capacity performance. We provide optimum Squash flooring surfaces, that run numerous test to qualify as shock resistant, to prevent injuries and strains on the joint and muscles. Resiliency, durability and even superior ball bounce, are what we target for all our floorings for squash courts. We offer a minimised friction and provide great acceleration for players while playing. We offer an entire service of solutions, right from the design and formulation that is based on superior raw materials to the aesthetic colour appeal for a perfect finish. Apex Sport Surfaces is well known WSF Norms Squash Court System as we manufacture Squash Court Wooden Flooring, Squash Court hard Plaster System, Squash Court Back Wall Glass etc..   What we Cover under Squash All Visible Markings Floor Smoothness Court Consulting and trending Design   We make sure that all our floorings for Squash Courts are the highest benchmark and provide our customers with material quality tested and approved solutions. From our Maple prefabricated floors to our fine Wood flooring for the athlete to excel.   Apex Sports Squash Court Floorings are famous for its smoothness and hard tensile strength, making it long lasting and eye appealing in quality and visuality. Our courts are designed, to withstand constant impact from the ball and give better rebound for the racket without deterioration.   Features : Our Squash courts are designed for maximum impact, with a prefabricated material, that is superior in quality and yet available to our clients at affordable market valued rates. All our Courts are built for indoor experience, with an outdoor thriving performance. We also take precautions in our dimensions and make sure that our squash courts are subjected to building codes. We are a one point contact for the manufacturing, delivery, and installation of our products, which ensure the highest and most accurate control over quality which we inspect on a stringent base. Our Courts ensure that the ball's impact, along with the constant strain from the players, does not cause any sort of wear or damage providing the perfect squash court flooring design.   Advantages :  Low Maintenance High Endurance on Impact Superior Ball Rebound Shock resistant, to prevent knee or ankle strain or injury Well layered materials to give a stronger durability Multi Colour options Resistant to many weathering agents Apex Sports is an illustrated establishment that is primarily engaged in a variety of Squash Court Floorings and is considered, the first sports company to be WSF certified, prior to other competitors. This is why you need to use our surfaces for your court, to give you the best-optimized results. Rubber Flooring Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Apex Sports stringently believes in providing high-quality rubber flooring, which is widely available in multiple dimensions, sizes, and thickness. We are a brand recommended by International and National standards of manufacturing Rubber floorings, from superior rubber based raw materials. We offer our clients, standard 8mm rubber rolls and also have the capability of tailor-made rubber solutions. Rubber floorings are exclusively used in gyms and sports, that require the same sports performance capabilities. Our rubber is tough and is wear resistant, making it very useful for an output performance efficiency. We also offer our patrons the choice of having rubber tile flooring for various indoor sports requirements. Our rubber floorings are perfectly cured, to deliver an outstanding game performance and endure harsh abrasive impact. Our surfaces are excellent for areas where heavyweights and machinery are used.   Products : Apex Sports Offers our clients a wide range of products for various sports needs Available in black and multicolour options Warranty availability Stringer Safety and Resistant Checks and inspection, prior to approval Best suitable for Gyms and Gymnasium sports activities   Technical Specifications : USA based design technical specifications Rubber rolls with a range of 4mm to 12mm in thickness Factory based in India, using Superior Raw Materials Rubber tiles with a range of 15mm – 35 mm in thickness as well as custom design for weightlifting areas Rubber tiles with interlocking in standard sizes of 15mm – 30mm thickness Custom and Standard Designs with Multiple Colour Options Rubber Tile and Rubber Roll format for rubber flooring Excellent Tensile Strength and Durability Elastic and Tear Resistant Coefficient of any friction Residual Indentation   Advantages : Long Lasting Performance of rubber Floorings Long Lasting Appearance on Colour Low Maintenance Superior Quality Materials Multiple Thickness for flooring Accurate and prompt installation Fewer Joints in flooring Excellent aesthetic appeal Denser than another flooring Sound reduction during dropping of heavyweights   Other Such Application Areas Recommended : Gyms Yoga/meditation and dancing halls Heavy Weight Lifting Aras Indoor jogging and running tracks Rinks for ice skating Wrestling and other Sports Activities Children Play Areas Our flooring can be easily cleaned and do not require a regular upkeep or maintenance. We have the experience and the knowledge, for all types of sports play areas for multi-sports like Gyms, play areas for toddlers, mall sports, wrestling, etc to name a few. We deliver fancy finished floorings, that boost players performance and increase playing capacity for athletes to excel in all sports activities. All our products are made from the highest raw materials, that are stringently checked for their quality, durability and tensile strength. Our rubber floorings are very easy to clean and provide all our customers with low budget maintenance for longer durations. Badminton Court Flooring Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Since the mid 18th century, badminton became a popular sport with the then known British India. The sport was created as a recreational activity among the British soldier who was stationed in India at that time. The court consisted of either wooden tiles, concrete floors or vinyl sheets in a quadrangular area. A net was used to divide the playing area with the challenger on one end and the defender playing on the other. The game was played with a shuttlecock, a net in the center and rackets. The net was a border in between the court. The game was played and the points were designated by whether the chance to hit the shuttlecock over the net again was missed. The latest designs in badminton court flooring are incredible. With synthetic resin, vinyl flooring and woody floorings made from the best wood timber and polished to give the best game appearance.   Indoor Badminton Floorings :  The wood-based floorings are mostly used in playing areas within a building such as an indoor arena, stadium or ground, even in sports clubs and indoor sports games and grounds used for training and badminton practices being played by professionals or amateur athletes. We at Apex Sports Surfaces provide badminton court floors with accessories like nets, shuttlecock, and racquets for all standard and international levels of badminton game sports. Our courts are designed with high technology base paints and lacquer polishing to help the player have a better output on his or her games. We also enforce good quality floorings, with accurate line markings and flooring courts that our BWF that is Badminton World Federation approved.   Outdoor badminton floorings :  We are popular amongst our clients who seek nets, racquets and most importantly, strong and safe badminton court floorings to cover various applications. Whether it's indoors or outdoors in a stadium, or simply in the backyard of your home we provide custom and standard dimension badminton court flooring for playing field. We have a huge clientele that are sports enthusiasts who love playing on our court grounds and stadium field. Playing on many of our vinyl based floorings or opting for our wooden flooring courts.   Features :  Our top performing badminton court floor systems are available with different technical specifications and requirements that best suit our customers. Our vinyl and timber wooden floorings do not emit any odors after being installed and once placed, pieces of equipment like the net can immediately be installed and the fun and games playing can proceed. With Apex Sports Surfaces as your sports court flooring company, you can rest assured, that you won't face additional maintenance and cost repairing. This unwanted expenses can bring a real pinch to the pocket when used for longer hours of badminton playing. Our court floorings areas, whether timber wooden floorings or Vinyl floorings can protect those costings and has the capacity to handle impact pressure and foot traction from playing on the court even if exposed for long hours. You are on the right track when you choose Apex Sports Surfaces as a manufacturer and suppliers for your badminton sports floorings. Upgrade your game with our premium patterned vinyl and timber wood sports flooring.Take your pick,    Vinyl flooring or wooden flooring? Vinyl sports flooring : Vinyl floorings are known for their great shock absorbancy which is crucial for all those stretch and strain jerking maneuvers for a badminton game. The easy access and grip required to move on the playing area without falling or slipping, sliding, and also help reduce the chances of the shuttlecock slamming on the net or it falling within the net boundary of your own court while playing is what we have successfully strived to achieve. We stringently check for quality with levels to meet WBF standards, so you know we mean professional playing. Even our accessories like nets and badminton equipment are available with us. We are top, asa badminton court manufacturer. Apex offer our clients Vinyl court floorings with athletes ability for a sudden sprint, acceleration, and lateral displacement while changing direction in the badminton games increasing their playing potential. Our Vinyl floorings for badminton courts are resistant to certain chemicals which helps to track and remove stains and other such foreign contaminants incurred while playing. Wooden sports floorings : As Apex is considered the best manufacturer for wooden sports floorings, we are used by many of our clients for professional playing. Made from the finest wooden timber, we use maple wood flooring, to give our users the best game merits possible to badminton games. Our badminton wooden court floorings are made up of cushion rubber paddings that are finally topped with strong timber wood that is treated with an anti-termite solution, protecting your wooden floor from insects and other rotting related complications. The wooden floor is then polished with a lacquer material on the woody surface texture to give a shiny and yet antiglare appearance that is pleasing to the eye. This games flooring can be installed in multi-purpose games and wooden badminton based floorings which are easily cleanable and have low maintenance resolution for our reputed clients. Just remember that if its quality playing badminton courts you seek then wooden floorings are the most excellent choice with manufacturers like Apex for indoor area surfaces.   Apex badminton sports surfaces : Apex Sports Surfaces are entrepreneurs in manufacturing state of the art designed badminton courts. Our seamless flooring courts, whether Vinyl based or wood, have been designed and patterned to meet customers specifications without hampering the quality of the product. We also provide budget-friendly prices and advice on what would be the most cost-effective solution for our clients. We stress on quality in our badminton sorts floorings court surfaces and use only the best trending raw material and manufacturing theses floorings from scratch at our manufacturing unit. It is then shipped out in custom or standard dimensions within the designated time frame to help our customers receive our BWF qualified badminton courts on a priority basis. Badminton is a game that expresses mental fitness, high speed, flexibility, aerobic qualities, physical endurance, agility, skills and stamina o an athlete. Badminton is also one of the most popular played games in Asia. All Apex Sorts floorings have elastic polyurethane coatings that help maintain the court keeping them clean and efficient.   Merits using our badminton courts :  Easy and quick installations Net, racquet, shuttlecock availability Our floorings maybe applied to tile, stone or even concrete areas Anti-slip and anti-skid Customised choice of thickness and rubber cushion padding. Advice on best flooring after area inspection On-site testing while installation Excellent flooring with an even leveling Visible and clear markings of game lines Excellent for Indoor applications with no odor Our Technical Specifications High-end quality rubber paddings designed to maximize players comfort levels Vast thickness range 77mm – 89mm Customised design by clients technical requirements Plywood option available Termite treated floorings Excellent ball rebound and greater athletic grip   Bonus with Apex :  Constricted as per International Badminton Court Technical Specifications Superior quality lacquer for maximized durability Incorporating latest technology and trends from USA sports flooring technology Fantastic appearance Multicolor design and customized design Big Bonus Advantages Multicolored options for custom design Affordable market prices on al badminton floorings and accessories such as net, racquets, shuttlecock, etc. Warranty available for clients   Our Areas of Application :  Universities and college badminton courts Army camps, government recreational flooring courts Indoor Clubs and arena area badminton flooring courts Nets, shuttlecock, racquets and other accessories for Badminton School and public sector badminton court Other Recreational badminton courts Residential and private backyard badminton courts Customised badminton flooring Vinyl and wooden requirement badminton courts   Important things you must remember when picking the right badminton court flooring :  Durability and superior quality Indoor and outdoor courts custom patterned Cost effective and Economical No slippery and equally leveled flooring courts No additional money burns from maintenance Easy stain removal and surface treatment Abrasive and foreign contaminant resistant Wear and tear and Impact Resistant Tennis Court Flooring Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Making a right choice in the type of flooring for any sports is not an easy job, Apex Sports is a leading consultant and manufacturer for all types of flooring for sports activities. All our products are well certified, with Olympic level standards that set us on an international benchmark. We offer a huge range of tennis courts, that can range from synthetic acrylic, artificial turf, and championship designed courts. We also offer our Tennis Courts, with a custom fit and unique logo integrated options for our clients. Whatever the type of sports surface required, we deliver tailor-made options with standard dimensions and sizes available for our customers. Our flooring is easy to clean and maintain and we personally install them, so we maintain the accuracy on the installation of the court.   Details :  We promote safe and athlete winning surfaces, to help improve the game. Clients can play on our terrain longer, due to less friction and resistance from the ground. We offer a quality boarded flat surface and turf for the best efficiency of the opponents and competitors when playing on the tennis field. Our turfs and floorings are available in a variety of multicolour designs and better ball lift to ensure the highest level of competition amongst players. Our Courts have been known to reduce stress on the joints and ankles and reduce fatigue. Our courts also have the ability to dry at a faster pace, making it very weather resistant and perfect for outdoor playing and installations. We also, provide courts with lower glare surface, which is excellent for playing. We are considered the best option for commercial, professional and home-based tennis courts. Our tennis court construction is based on USA technology research and enhanced technical specifications, that offers extremely durable and longlasting capabilities under tough play and constant impact by ball and players alike, without causing any damage to the flooring. All our floorings are easily cleaned and provide a low maintenance, with easy abrasive cleaning solutions. You may call us experts when it comes to finding the right court flooring to best suit your budget.   Technical Specifications : Our surfaces can be multi-used on various play aspects, such as a slow or a medium or even a fast play to adjust any sand aggregate. Our aggregate mesh dimensions are acrylic paint that is layered as per ITF specifications. Our well cushioned or Hardcourt Surfaces apply resiliency to any surface. Multiple layered rubber granules are added to the court before the acrylic final colour touches. Producing a softer surface and delivering an easy moment of the body on a hard surface. Durabolt standards are 5 layer acrylics with a maximum of 2mm> Durabolt Cushion ranges from 7-9 layers of acrylic with 3 mm max thickness. Apex Sports delivers a wide range of synthetic surfaces and turfs to help boost players performance. Basketball Court Flooring Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Basketball is considered as one of the worlds most popular sports and is the most popular game in the US, it has now gained popularity all over the world. We at Apex Sports incorporates USA flooring technology, in all our Indian Manufactured Sports Floorings, to provide optimum efficiency. We have designed our basketball courts to meet international standards, that portray perfectly matched Olympic standards. All our basketball courts can be used in International and National basketball tournaments. We also deliver to universities and institutes, that are well recognized and reputed for their sports activities.   Our basketball courts are uniquely designed, to provide maximised safety and superior comfort for all players. All our basketball surfaces are extremely shock resistant and do not cause any impact on the feet, ankles or knees while playing. Our basketball courts can be designed as per indoor or outdoor setup, with a complete accurate installation for long-lasting service. With multicolor options, custom design and standard shapes and dimensions available, there is really no end to what our clients demands and specifics can be met with.   Outdoor/Indoor basketball courts We incorporate international principles in our designs and are best suited for Olympic standards and sports turf requirements. Apex Sports basketball courts are very durable and provide the best ball bounce and lift that is a crucial factor, needed in playing basketball. With our state of the art seamless synthetic and elastic floor covering systems, we are able to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency for any game played on our basketball flooring.   Types of Flooring : Acrylic available in durbolt standards and cushion Vinyl Flooring Advance PP Tiles Flooring PU Floorings   Features :  Excellent Appeal and seamless texture Impact and abrasive resistant performance Low Maintenance and Cost Effective capabilities Long-term Durability Grip and Shock Impact for Player Protection We have the widest range of basketball surfaces, built for Outdoor and Indoor courts. Our products are ITF certified and suitable for any type of professional competitive playing. We provide safe and higher performance, with excellent traction and ball output response. Our courts are also available with custom colours and LOGO designs for our clients. Our floorings are environmentally friendly and perfect to be installed in any indoor or outdoor community.   Why Choose Apex Sports Basketball Courts? Quality: Made with superior raw materials and inspected by our professionals under various test and resistant reports, to finally grade it an approve for shipment to our clients. Performance: Engineered and designed to give the highest output for the players. Safety: All our designs are developed taking injury prevention into consideration. Durability: Long-lasting Flooring, now that's a good investment. Pricing: Cost effective and easy affordable market rates. Service: Accurate installation and warranty available. Volleyball Court Flooring Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Details :  When you plan to envision a volleyball court, the chances might be, that you imagine a sandy surface or a hard court in inclosed doors. Apex Sports knows that there is more to the sport than just any ground. A better flooring helps bring liveliness and sportsman performance to the game. Sports institutes seek for more fun and playful activity, which synthetic floors can provide all year long. So bump and set and finally smash because your game just turned a whole lot better. Apex Sports can build any volleyball court, whether it's an international sports ground or a residential backyard, we render standard and custom solutions for all our buyers. One of the biggest perks of picking Apex Sports is that we can custom design the volleyball court to fit your selected area. Polyurethane silicon is the latest type of sports surface, that has been analyzed and researched using only USA based specifications. These court systems have been installed and used universally among indoor and all outdoor surfaces. Using Volleyball Court Synthetic surfaces, allows the flooring to have superior wear resistance, stronger tensile strength, UV resistant and long-term colour barring any fading and shadings on the court. Apex Sports has applied all our volleyball court surfaces for Clubs, Universities, Gymkhanas, Hotels, Government Centers and other recreational and sports stadiums. All our volleyball courts are offered at very economical prices and have an accurate delivery time, with precise installation on the field. We are well appreciated in the market as a trustworthy and reliable sports flooring company.   Features :  All options for volleyball court with no glare colours Can be accommodated for asphalt and cement surfacing No wear stains or patches at heavy playing zones Speed variation and adjustability for athlete High ball bounce and quick ball response Reduced muscle fatigue Repair and replacement is easy   Technical Specifications : Standard measurements for volleyball court is 60’x30' Fitted Wear layer of 2 mm UV coating is added to floor Custom option on thicknesses Meets all International approved standards A standard volleyball court requires a space of 60’x30′ UV coating to protect floor Minimum low indentation in specifications Multiple thicknesses range between 5 mm to 14 mm in PU systems Internal Padding provided for shock absorption Apex Sports are considered world class manufactures for synthetic volleyball courts. We ensure only the finest of the best raw material quality, gets jumbled into our floorings. Our surfaces keep the record among clients, for services offered that provide longterm durability and free movement for players across our turf. Our advanced knowledge of product details and specifications help equip our clients with custom fit options. All our volleyball courts are inspected in the factory and onsite on the field or performance because we never compromise on quality for our loyal clients.   Key Advantages :  Extremely high durability and aesthetic appeal Seamless Structure floorings Quick and precise Installation Easy Mobility Surface treatment is easy to perform Pleasant and comfortable while walking, jumping or playing Multi Purpose Court Flooring Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Apex Sports has the expertise and wisdom when it comes to making the perfect Multi-Purpose Court surfaces. We implement USA based technology and analysis and provide our clients with a more versatile sports surface. Our rubber and PU sports surfaces, offer only the highest quality of terrain for athletes and sports personals. Apex Sports Multi-purpose Court surfaces can be found in recreational sports, professional sports, outdoor and indoor applicability for any climate situations. Apex Sports multi-purpose court systems are remarkably durable, low sustaining and well within the budget that is appealing to our customers. All turf surfaces are investigated under stringent inspection by our quality standards and even gets certified by international benchmark quality for athletic playing.   Our Multipurpose court surfaces can be  further classified into 3 basic categories :-   Polyurethane Multi-Purpose Court : Multi-purpose polyurethane base sports courts are frequently known for its superior quality under all climatic sustained challenges. PU sports floorings are excellent in slip impedance and wear and tear decline. Simply, to put in lay man's terms they are long lasting and cost effective for maintenance and can be utilized in professional playing and other such recreational sports activities. Apex Sports Multi-purpose courts can also be used for other non-sports activities such as events and seminars due to the features of being durable and elastic.   Technical Specifications : Enhanced comfort play with buffer coating layer Anti-skid properties and optimised balance obtained with durable PU silicon finishing Seamless patterns and tailor-made specifications available Sealed surface to prevent dirt and bacteria formation UV resistance and environmentally friendly surface texture Waterproofing on turf with excellent shock absorption padding   Acrylic Multi-Purpose Court : The advantage in Acrylic Sports courts is the ability to provide maximum resilient cushioning properties that deliver the best shock absorption and ball re-bounce to the athletes game. Acrylic work surfaces are 100% environmental friendly making it perfect for indoor and outdoor ventures. Acrylic surfaces can be accommodated in the application of asphalt and concrete substrates. The pace of the surface can be tailored as per the sport or play type.   Technical Specifications : Installed prefabricated shock absorbent pads for enhanced comfort Abrasion and UV repellent material installed No leakage of toxic fumes or chemicals Asphalt and concrete merging possible Standard and Custom Technical specifications IAAF, ITF and IHF certifications available as per game variety Surface texture built for evenly paced grip   Rubber Multi-Purpose Court :  When it comes to a Multi-Purpose Court with rubber as the base, rest assured this service is well known for its all-weather playfield and is opted by a lot of schools, universities, gyms, yoga spas and hotels. They can be accommodated in multiple playing fields such as basketball, tennis, football, volleyball and even track ranges. Even if used on a regular intensive base the flooring shows remarkable resistance to massive foot traffic and is extremely easy to manage.   Technical Specifications : All sizes and dimensions available based on standard technical sports specifications as per sport Surface consist of rubber added materials and granules that help provide UV and wear and tear resistance Material surface consists of waterproofing and can render extreme temperatures and humidity Lining and different colour markings available as per game specification Can be accurately placed on concrete, natural and asphalt surfaces The internal rubber carpet can be joined in a seamless taping under special adhesive   Apex Sports Multi-Purpose Court Advantages : Extreme durability and state of the art aesthetic appeal Optimised Resilience and superb traction Economically affordable Nonfalking and peeling Tailor-made options Smooth surface treatment that proves hassle-free maintaining Easy mobility for partial repair or replacement Multi-purpose ability to provide genuine value for money Synthetic Acrylic Track Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 PP Tiles Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Apex Sports are leading manufactures in the production of all outdoor flooring. When we consider PP tiles in the use of flooring, it is best put to use at all outdoor construction, since they are manufactured from superior quality plastic, that provides a long-lasting performance. PP tiles are also mobile and can give the customer, the choice of the flexibility of movement and change the position of the tiles layout. Our PP tiles flooring is very simple and easy to reinstall and this is very crucial if a flooring, needs to be moved on a regular basis. We install USA based technology that gets manufactured using high-quality materials, certified by ITF on various other quality and safety adherence factors. Apex Sports surfaces are used a dime a dozen, for all multi-sports activities and arena facilities. Considering the long-term usage, cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance with its flexibility, that makes it perfect for your design and flooring construction.   Details :  Our products are highly durable with availability in diverse colours and shading to give the best appeal on any surface flooring. Warranty availability Our designs are unique and also offer a tailor-made flooring with PP tiles for our clientele. Affordable marketing prices is a true value for money with our high-quality materials integrated into the manufacturing Different sizes and dimensions are available and our products of PP tiles flooring can be accommodated, in many areas for sports activities.   Technical Specifications : Using USA based Technology and Research in technical specifications We have 100% recyclable options with PP tiles, which are well reputed as the only product with a 100% recycling rate Superior Raw Material Components Smooth surface with phenomenal ball bounce Low Maintenance and easy abrasive removal in thickness for PP tiles 301 mm square shape availability Meets standard norms and safety compliance for International Level   Advantages : Cost Effective Flexibility and Mobility of PP tiles Surface Longer Warranty Superior Quality and colour coding designs Easy installation on subflooring Also, can be fitted on Terrace areas and in landscapes Environmental friendly with 100% recyclable capacity    Applicational Areas for use : Basketball Tennis Skating Arenas Indoor and Outdoor All outdoor Surfaces Multi-purpose Sports Activities All our PP tiles floorings are well inspected and marked excellent for use by our stringent inspections and safety test. The quality of our products are superior in grade and deliver exceptional performance when used on all outdoor sports plays. With our years of experience and knowledge in the field of design and quality implementation, we excel in delivering high-grade finishing PP tiles flooring to our customers. With an easy installation and cost-effective solutions, we are entrepreneurs in the sports flooring industry. Dual Durometer Track Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 In order for an athlete to excel and break a record in the track field, the athletic surface has to be manufactured in a specific way, to excel an athlete's aptitudes to his/her highest potential. Whether you are considering devising a track for your floor areas or creating an IAAF standard track, Apex Sports is there to accommodate all your specific design guidelines.   A Dual Durometer Track that is manufactured by Apex Sports, is notably resilient and always require the perfect coefficient of friction, that allows maximum speed endurance for straight and curved turns. Apex Sports provides our clients with tracks that are durable with a special flood and chip sandwich type of system, which provides superb shock absorption. This provides an athlete with a stronger antigravity lift and higher energy return. The resilient, impermeable and speed helps the track handle any impact and foot traffic which is perfect for many athletes participating at a time.   Technical Specifications :   The Dual Durometer Track system has a built-in paved polyurethan base mat. The base mat is topped with a seal coat with a two-component applied layer of polyurethane. The construction is fitted with a paved basement Has a force reduction of 35 % – 50 % Has a friction coefficient with 0.5 or 47 trial scale A wear layer of 2-c polyurethane flow that is applied in a 4 mm coat Elongation at a break up to 40 %   Apex Sports has our brand name benchmarked as a client's first choice in the industry. We offer our customers commendable service with dual durometer tracks with prompt and accurate installation and superior material fittings for quality constructed tracks. All our tracks are examined for excellent quality and by incorporating USA technology and IAAF standard certification, we deliver excellent tracks with athlete benefits in sports performance. At every race or practice, an athlete gives his best performance and that deserves the greatest track to deliver a push in the athlete's capabilities. All our dual durometer tracks are engineered and designed with fine granules of SBR rubber and with polyurethane, that is environmentally friendly and creates a layer to absorb shock and provide a cushioning effect. Our clients also have the choice of having the track to be fitted with EPDM granules, to give wear and tear resistance from athletes weight impact. Since we are IAAF certified, we can deliver the dimension standards that range from 13 mm to 10 mm. We also have a wide range of warranties, that are available for purchase. The dual durometer track we offer consist of two types of rubber that is vulcanized and cured to form a seamless and continuous material that guarantees the bond of molecules. Apex Sports dual durometer track is also accessible in a variety of custom and colour options as per what the clients may aspire. All our tracks are used in universities, schools, Olympic grade tracks and multi-purpose arenas. Choose Apex Sports for the best deals and superior long lasting performance in track systems. Paved Plate Synthetic Track Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 When you pick Apex Sports Paved in Place Synthetic Track surfaces for your sports facility, you earn on a lot of multiple factors that we take great consideration in. Everybody knows, that it is harder to run in a dessert than to run on a paved road. In the same way, the quality of the surface track you run on can diversly cause a reduction in the performance of the running athlete, making it difficult to get the actual outcome of the game.   Apex Sports are responsible for building Paved in Place Synthetic Tracks, that don't contain any solvents which are based on any heavy metal, toxic materials or mercury. We are IAAF certified, so we meet all international standards or quality, performance, and safety. Apex Sports the greatest in surfaces for superior athletic comfort.   Product : Our track surfaces are composed of an excellent durable material, that is treated for UV exposure and can endure maximum weather temperatures and fluctuations without changing the track yielding performance. Composed of asphalt paved in place base layer, with polyurethane merged rubber granules that are coated with a spray of polyurethane and EPDM granules.   Paved in place description : Our Paved in Place Synthetic Track surfaces consists of an excellent aggregate base, with a quick mix of post-tensioned or asphalt concrete specified after our engineers study the area to be worked on, applying the required mix to render slope, proper surface, adequate tolerance and superior grade. Apex Sports applies our experience and expertise to evaluate and discuss with the game field owner, to improvise on a project to give value for money, longevity and lower maintenance.   Technical Specifications : Polyurethane base is merged with a 50/50 specified amount for asphalt priming concrete to install a final polyurethane spray coating mix Made from 100% polyurethane to give moisture curing and middle viscosity EPDM granules are processed and highly graded for a standard range between 1 mm to4 mm in dimension that has no metallic or fiber content and a cut of below 4% of dust Meets all IAAF technical specifications Consistency of inner materials that have uniformed rubber paddings and non-porous structure Treated with antibacterial and antimicrobial protection   Advantages : Excellent touch performance and perfect foot lift for long distance running Spike resistance Diminished life cycle maintenance cost Sealed layers to give excelled performance during the hardest climate conditions Superior durability with optimised shock absorbance and energy return Carbon dioxide fumes is saved from being released into the atmosphere(environmentally friendly) All our paved in place synthetic tracks are finished within a predetermined time frame at remarkable affording prices.   Applications : Children Play Area Running Tracks Athletics Indoor and Outdoor Sports Oval & Straight Tracks Private Clubs and Sports Centers Sprints, Hurdles, and Relay races Steeplechase tracks & Throwing Javelin, shot put & Discus throw Pole Vault, High, Low, Long & Triple Jump Full Pour Multi Layered Track Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Apex Sports are masters of manufacturing when it comes to fabricating the best full pour multi-layered track. With the alliance of our superior grade raw materials and using USA based technology and research, we are able to provide our patrons with exceptional execution enhancing running tracks. All our full pour multi-layered tracks are made in an environmentally benign manner. Our tracks are remarkably easy to sustain and can be explicitly installed with a tailor-made fit. We ensure that all our lines, designs and markings are in fastidious accordance with IAAF regulations and norms.   Technical Specifications : Standard recommended thickness is considered as 15 mm or (13’ by 6 ‘ ) The minimum layer of thickness is 13 mm Technical specifications green, red and multi special colours The base is a two-layered application with black SBR rubber granules and polyurethane The two-layer is fitted with a leveling of up to 5 mm in thickness All surface granules are evident with tips interspersed, best suited for spikes Top layer is formulated with polyurethane and merged with EPDM granules of rubber before curing to get a thickness ranging between 3 mm and 4 mm UV resistant with EPDM coating of granules that help perform under extreme temperatures 100% pure solid polyurethane on the top and base of the track surface system   Features : Superior high-grade finish Extremely Durable Robust Construction Environmental friendly based Components Improved athletic speed and control Full Pour Multi-Layered Track provides resilience and elongated elasticity, this further helps improve all characteristics that are involved in optimised runnings. Another privilege that can be considered, is the noise reduction on foot impact which maximises an athlete's concentration and user comfort. With Apex Sports micro-foam central layer with polyurethane provides less friction resistance and suits all IAAF testing policies. All Apex Sports tracks are readily affordable and offer long-term durability. Apex Sports offers clients standard and custom designs and options to choose from. All the full pour multi-layered track has an influential grip and is highly flexible allowing all athletes to transcend in their game without exposing themselves to an unforeseen injury. In case an injury or a fall should happen on the floor, our apex Sports floors ensure to minimise the impact of the injury. This is only possible due to the fact that our engineers and professional team, use only USA based technology to manufacture tracks that are marked of A grade quality. These floorings are comprehensive for any sports activity that involves speed and endurance, which is a runner's best friend at the time of a live sports event. All our Full Pour Multi-Layered Tracks are inbuilt with rubber paddings to give the bounce and lift that is demanded while running.   Applications of Full Pour Multi-Layered Track : Stadiums and Sports Arenas Multi-Sports Complex Schools and Campus Military Training Vicinity International Sports Event Olympic Level Competition Universities and colleges Sandwich Synthetic Track Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 When it comes to a Sandwich Synthetic Track, Apex Sports is well outfitted in making hybrid tracks for both textured spray polymeric and PU track systems. Sandwich system tracks are more cost-effective and do not need any excessive maintenance to uphold. Apex Sports offers track systems that are durable and sustains all characteristic specifications for a PU flooring. The sandwich synthetic track is a nonporous system, that emits any rain from collecting and provides perfect transmission of any forces. This proves beneficial for use in International standard stadiums and clubs.   Adding to our quality our sandwich synthetic tracks meet the IAAF standards of certification. We even use International base technology that is researched with cutting-edge knowledge, from the USA based on sports floorings and fabrication. Apex Sports two-way sandwich system consists of SBR based crumb raw material which is merged onsite, with a binder of polyurethane and a mixture of EPDM granules. They also get installed in-situ on site with a coating of resin glue. With the EPDM rubber sinking into the SBR mat to form a granulated surface, which gives it to the name 'Sandwich System'.   Product Info : Sandwich Synthetic Tracks empower athletes to play and compete under bad weather conditions, without crucially affecting any performance level. These facts are what make it a very resourceful system for sports institutes, that have an open roof or even outdoor surfaces. With PU in a rubber base that provides unique absorption of shock and its UV resistant properties. Making it best suitable for all playfields that include schools, universities and private sectors. The PU based rubber systems, help athletes performing in International levels to avoid slipping due to the elastic properties. Apex Sports has kept in mind all the diversified needs of our clients and have engaged in constant efforts, to manufacture a wide range of Sandwich Synthetic Tracks. Our quality and product safety is a benchmark amongst international standards and we provide tracks with excellent gripping and airlift for the athletes highest performance. This is exclusive because we rely only on superior vendors, who deliver only exceptional quality raw materials. We also make sure that all Apex Sports track systems are accurately installed and ready to play within the customers time frame, leaving our clients happy and satisfied with our services.   Technical Specifications Of Sandwich Synthetic Tracks :  Base is made from Asphalt  Surface Layers are synthetic based Our 14 mm track system meets IAAF combinations of 4 mm polyurethane With EPDM granules that are applied to 10 mm SBR granules of rubber Above components also get bound with polyurethane base elastomer Coating on surface of in-situ and resin polyurethane glue   Features :  Systematic accuracy in leveling Lenth and breath standards with custom bespoke availability Long lasting with extreme wear and tear resistance UV and Water resistant Cost Effective maintenance Durable and Shock Absorbent   Applications : Schools & Universities Game Play Arenas Clubs and Olympic Stadiums Private Sector Synthetic Turf Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Synthetic Hockey Turf Synthetic Turf Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Water Based Hockey Turf Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Apex Sports Water base Hockey Turf has all the classifications criteria, fit for International and Olympic standards. The Hockey pitch has to have an applied amount of water layered prior to the game. This irrigation and water spread can be achieved through sprinklers or pumps and even water cannons, that evenly spread the level of water across the field. The water-based hockey turf is extensively used in the international play of events due to the fact that is safer and has better performance characteristics while playing in contemporary gaming.   Technical Specifications The primary backing is done with PP anti UV systems Pile height generally consist of 14 mm Secondary PU backing is seamlessly fitted Colour options as per technicality of game area with standard Colours like green, red, blue, or pink Customised options available   Apex Sports offer high-grade water base pitches, that have artificial grass and no sand dressed or infills. This provides an even ball roll, better bounce, and further distance. Due to the no sand particles being accumulated, the artificial grass is free moving and guarantees the player get an opportunity with ball grip and the hockey stick in the game run. This allows the game to reach a technical level which is more entertaining.   The safety - Water base hockey turfs have more LSR, which is low slide resistance, this allows free movement and flexibility for the players in their game. Being shock absorbent is another huge advantage since this reduces the chance of athletes getting injured or sprained in the game. Unlike sand pitches, the exterior tends to remain soft even under very low temperatures which can cause an intense burn or bruises during friction and fall. The water gives a cooling effect on the field, allowing the clients to have a perfectly sensible game with better judgment.   For better and a safer game Apex Sports has also draped our turfs with shock absorbing paddings to help reduce burden or stress on the muscle and joints of the athletes. These shock pads on the turf are ‘in-situ’ bound rubber, which on padding helps subdue the shock and impact to a neutral lift. Based on engineered USA design and excellent raw materials with an option of single or double layered tarmac, for a longer stability while playing the game. The porous layers, also allow the water to drain evenly after being irrigated leaving the floor cool and yet not flooded. The base construction of the textile membrane and the stone layer is comprised of free draining directly into the soil below, without causing any ground level inconstancy or unevenness.   Apex Sports are proud to use modern technology in our water-based hockey turf with ultra- progressive tools and rigorous inspections by our IHF certification and quality adherence. We are intensively recognized as remarkable achievers in the progress and technology of water-based hockey turfs, that provide excellent characteristics for performance on the field. Our pocket-friendly price and extreme quality perseverance, make us a popular choice amongst clients. We are always dedicated and committed to serving all sports requirements of our patrons with exceedingly remarkable quality.   Advantages :  Smooth cooling and Extremely Soft surfaces Long Lasting and Cost effective Special features as listed in above Specifications Durability and Superior Quality Ball Control and Athletic enhanced performance Sand Infill Hockey Turf Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Apex Sports has discovered the need for artificial turf in today's world, Hockey gets played almost everytime on artificial turf. As pioneers in this industry, Apex Sports have served to fulfill all the demands of various sports organizations. Using cutting edge technology and research, that is based on USA analysis has helped boom the industry quality standards for hockey sports turf. Our turf pushes all the quality standards and expectations of the IHF certification. This is a huge criterion to emulate when it comes to international standards for the game. We test and stringently inspect all turf for its technical specifications and quality and safety adherence.   When it befalls to Sand Infill Hockey Turfs, we can help render standard and tailor-made bespoke designs for surfacing. Apex Sports is devoted to meeting all performance characteristics, while still making your budget limits. A number of sand specifications can vary, based on the dimensions and sizes of the existing space to be constructed. This means you can opt for the 2g sports full-size turf or a smaller one in case you wish to overcome budget costing or have a minimum size vicinity. We aim to deliver, only the best turf with superior strength and grit ensuring that the turf gives and aesthetic appeal to the athletes and fans observing the game.   Details : Apex Sports has led to faster pitches for athletes with true ball control and judgment, thereby, enhancing the quality and entertainment of the game. All our Sand Infill Hockey Turf are made and designed to give the better gameplay, ball distance and improve athletic stamina on the playfield. Due to the sand-filled pitch being dry base, the grass turf gets low density and keeps the glass fibers in an upright position. No wonder, our surfaces are well reputed for its long lifespan and wear and tear resistance. Apex Sports have a huge client profile, ranging from schools and universities to public and private sports institutes.   Technical Specifications :  Sand Infill Hockey Turf is manufactured from knitted synthetic or tufted synthetic Standard size ranges between 19 mm to 25 mm pile Sand filled in turf at 100% of the pile depth The gauge of the turf is 5 / 16 inches The Primary Backing is a Fleeced backing built with PET yarn, that is reinforced UV resistance Secondary backing is fitted with CSBR Latex   Advantages : Sand filled hockey turfs give added stability, that is perfect for Hockey By playing the game on this turf an injury free and friendly sliding surface is identified Using realistic turf like appearance ensures a natural look Shock absorption and playing comfort is observed due to optimised biomechanical qualities Interwoven fibers with extreme density ensures the turf last for years Maintainance costing are reduced Apex Sports can give you the best deals for all terrains, where Sand Infill Hockey Turf are required. Consider us, as your best bargain since we offer value for sports quality and leave all our customers happy and coming back for innumerable sports projects. Sand Dressed Hockey Turf Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 You need to select Apex Sports for your Sand Dressed Hockey Turf because we have assembled our turfs based on USA technology and research. Our sand hockey turfs are amazingly prolific and meet high specifications, that are demanded by IHF standards. This is why we are certified by them under the quality of corporeality and superior athletic benefits. Unlike astroturf pitches or sand filled turfs, these type of floorings is partially sand filled, normally around two-thirds of the dispensed pile height. This permits the game to be played on a sports carpet instead of a sand infilled one.   All our sand dressed hockey turfs have the carpets scrutinized for any quality defects and are immediately rectified. All the carpet surfaces are highly rebellious to wear and tear and does not permit any sand leakage into the internal texture. This makes sure the facade is well leveled for playing hockey.   Technical Specifications :  Sand dressed hockey systems have standardly given pile heights that range between 18 mm & 22 mm Filled fields are subjected to open compositions to optimise low density Sand infill placed between grass fibers to deliver high degree stability and wear resistant Shock pad fitted directly under the surface Preformed padding and ‘in-situ’ padding is also available for below surface fitting Either single or double porous layer of tarmacadam to provide stability Other alternatives also consist of dynamic base, in such cases, a double layer is built directly on top of the stone Best suited for stone layer and textile membranes inserted directly into soil formation All these standards and measurements are considered by engineers of Apex Sports as the perfect playing hockey field. No doubt these surfaces are very good to play, they do require a maintain to increase its long playing lifespan. This will always ensure the field yields maximum athlete strength and ability. All our surfaces meet the global Olympic standards with amazing texture surfaces for multiple sports capabilities. Our dressed hockey turfs are widely used in schools, universities, sports arenas government sports grounds and even international sports events. Apex Sports treated surface turf has made a name in the field of hockey, as our clients have been overwhelmed with our quality oriented surfaces available at the best-reasoned price tag.   Advantages when Choosing Apex Sports dressed Hockey Turf :  We have also rendered our services to the likes of many customised demands and have proven to be very good in the athletic fields, enabling the players to have better ball judgment and even provide a strong ball roll which is crucial to the game. The terrain is also very easy to run on giving players mobility without resistance. Apex Sports has the champion cup in its hand when it revolves around hockey surfaces since we take the initiative to invariably test, inspect and prioritize for the exemplary construction of hockey dressed turf surfaces. Artificial Bermuda Grass Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Details :  When it befalls to grass, there is no better field, than having to watch an elegant meadow or lawn of grass. The grass is nature's landscape at best. We all have had some grass encounter, whether it was playing with a ball, or simply rolling on the grass, lazing in the shade on a hot summer day or just unwinding on the porch, watching the lawn is now a popular trend for apartments and commercial buildings. However, many areas are inhabited near water shortage regions, and this could prove a squabble for sure. Besides putting a huge pinch in the pocket, and additional maintenance yielding the right output for a grass turf may conclude even tougher to manage. People are opting for artificial Bermuda grass since they are better in many ways. Artifical Bermuda Grass capers all the time and resources that are consumed up in watering, mulching, weeding and even horticulture that is involved in cutting real grass turfs. They help diminish your water bill statements, particularly in the summer. You also do not require any chemical imbued fertilization to keep away insects. With artificial bermuda grass, the backing consists of filaments threaded, in order to let water through it drainage without any accumulation of water on the turf. The turf is also premium considering the backing being laid with a drainage layer which is compressed with graveled and stuck along the turf perimeter. The layer gets infilled with rubber crumbs or sand, so as to keep it from being wafted away by the wind. Apex Sports provides the artificial Bermuda turf that eliminates the need for trimmings, pesticides, water irrigation and mowing. We offer the most exciting range of natural colour shades to choose from. We are known for our artificial bermuda grass, that has the potential to resemble realistic grass that only after a detail and close inspection can someone recognize the artificial turf. Apex Sports Artificial bermuda Grass is intended for heavy sports foot traffic. With heat reduction research and technology incorporated from USA research, we furnish our clients with only the best proven tested and inspected turf before we ship it to our consumers.   Technical Specifications : Fiber type is 100% Polyethylene with a fiber mass of 10800 denier – 6ply PE Mono Also available in 5000 denier – 8 ply PE Mono Finishing Pile height is at 1.875 in Color ranges between olive green, field green, and jute Turf is well stabilized and woven in dual layer Standard roll with 15 feet and roll length 100 feet SBR glue and one layer of fleeced along with one layer pp cloth   Advantages Include :  Easy access and ready to be used with exceptional mobility Quick dry and easily washable with drainage capabilities Child and pet safety Soft, elegant and plush in every touch Affordability on market rates Long Lasting and excellent performance   Applications : Rooftops Play areas Commercial Lawns Pool surroundings Gardens Residential Lawns Dog Artificial Green Wall Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 With the scarcity of space in commercial and residential properties, plantations and horticulture implementation has become a controversy. Besides that, having a wall with plain artificial concrete can be quite monotonous to look at. Apex Sports takes it to a new level by offering our clients an amazing collection of different artificial green walls. The problem with natural green walls involves a lot of unnecessary additional expenses like irrigation, regular maintenance and trimming and even planting and fertilization. With artificial green walls, all these predicaments get wiped away. Apex Sports artificial green walls offer our customer a hassle-free maintenance and long lasting realistic appearance. We are best gratified for all our client's request which may include interior and exterior designer landscape.   The main advantage of using artificial green walls manufactured by Apex Sports is that they can easily be mounted on any given angle of a wall and can be insulated with a flame retardant feature for commercial interiors. Its outdoor specialty sprawls in the fact that apex sports green walls are UV treated, so they can be vertically mounted to make walls and outer edifices look more classy. Widely used in hotels, restaurants, spas, offices, retail estates, bars and other residential properties.   Technical Specifications Concrete wall structure Steel fitted wall STUD walls EIFS walls Drainage incorporation UV resistant and fire retardant Pesticide-treated Lightweight meshing for green wall   Types of Green Walls INTERIOR GREEN WALL : These internal walls can be devised by apex sports for many hotels and spas, this may also include commercial heritage interior walls. Our interior walls are odor free and provide a realistic ambiance to the surroundings.   EXTERIOR GREEN WALL :  Exterior green walls are considered to give a harmonious landscape appearance. Apex Sports offers a gleaming solution to exterior green walls such as patios, reception surroundings, swimming pool areas, and building facades. Our green wall artificial systems are created and engineered to fit any suitable requirement of our customers. We at Apex Sports always incorporate the most exceptional technology and innovations from the USA research and imply them into all our designs and technical specifications. All our services for green wall systems are seamless and developed well within the time frame demanded by the party. All our wall systems are realistic and even offer our customers a true value for money, by providing the purchase at market affordable costings. When you pick Apex Sports you know that you are trading with a reliable source, since we have the knowledge and the experience in dealing with huge clients for large-scale artificial turf and green wall production. Clients pick us because we guarantee finished green wall systems, using only the best substance, since we consider that our surfaces are used to proffer a scenic and attractive appearance, quality needs to be maximised to its highest potential and that is what Apex Sports is best known for.   Advantages : Interior and exterior applications. Realistic look and design on artificial plants Free from maintenance Free from maintenance Eliminates bad odours as there are no bad plants of decaying Accurate installation Synthetic Football Turf Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Football is a global phenomenon that has people hooked on the sport. Also considered as the game of the world, since the sport is packed with intense running and athletic moves. The sports demands for a magnificent playing surface and infrastructure. We at Apex Sports, thrive to enhance the entire experience of the athlete and also make visible the sports ground, without providing any glare or improper line markings for the audience view. Apex Sports has always enforced stringent quality checks when it comes to quality sustainability and superior performance for artificial turfs. Todays Synthetic Football Turf is based on criteria specifics for long grass like fibers, which are filled with rubber and sand particles.   Apex Sports has the manufacturing capabilities, to provide Synthetic Football Turf for beginners, Sports Arenas, Schools, Playgrounds and International standards of football events. We always obey protocol for safety and quality and make sure that are floorings are field tested for playfield superiority. We also test ball to surface and player to field superiority in the factory before being installed.   Product technical specifications Triple weaving techniques applied Base, slope and evenness permeability test Sizes available with a range between 500 mm and 60 mm pile height Diamond yarn shape with elongation characteristics   Advantages Enhanced Athletic Playing Performance Full operation under extreme weather conditions Perfect for covered or even steep side stadiums Extremely cost effective Longer duration of playing hours Multiple uses such as training or other event sessions Easy to maintain in comparison to primitive fibrillated surface Football is now played by using artificial grass turfs that are designed and manufactured by Apex Sports, with the idea and concept of playing on real grass, excluding all the cons of natural turf. Our football artificial surface turf is induced with fibers, that are non-abrasive and soft and help sustain the realistic look and feel of grass. Our mission is to turn those empty muddy spaces, into beautiful football fields where players can have extreme ease in showing off their sports capabilities. Our surfaces allow the ball to sit on the surface and provide momentum. Our floorings of football turfs are also known to give players a chance to perform extreme ball maneuvering and are also able to provide the athletes with sliding tackle capabilities. The floor is also ideal for any weather, considering that football events mostly take place in the rainy season, these floorings prove to be the perfect solution for any weather. The fibers in the field flooring also add to the resilience to grip and ball control. The flooring is even shock absorbent and provides the footballers, to perform sports stunts without causing extreme injuries ar body damage. With artificial turfs for football, there is no chance of waterlogging and canceled matches.   Points to remember with Synthetic Football Turf : They are drought resistant Your daily maintenance costa are reduces Reduced water bills Consistent and safe for players Increased stamina due to free movement on flooring Artificial Cricket Pitch Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Details : When it comes to cricket, everyone knows the entire game performance, ultimately depends on the nature of pitch the game is played. The captain of the team, along with the team experts, analyze the field and advice the captain what is the first option, batting or fielding, to give an upper hand in the game. The cricket pitch is known as the gist of this game. At Apex Sports, we are well conscious of the people's sentiments with the game and never jeopardize on any quality. The Cricket Artificial Pitch is constructed in the middle or center field of the ground. A ground may also have numerous practice pitches along the side, which are developed for a prospective lifespan and ease the influence of using only one pitch. Apex Sports are restricted to accouching only the best design and output production for all any type of cricket pitch. We always brag about our skilled professionals and experienced management, that work hard and use exceptional techniques and soil study to provide the best facade for playing. After carrying out acrimonious test and research into the soil and ground texture, we render our clients with optimised solutions for a pitch, coinciding International standards to give an excellent athlete execution.   Technical Specifications :  Our cricket artificial pitch ranges with a thickness between 4 mm & 5 mm Synthetic pitches are available with widths of up to 10 feet This also includes the basic standard of 100 feet Pitch is induced with anti termite pest control substance Accurate ground leveling and rolling Digging capacity can range between 7 to 10 feet deep Optional improved fiber threading with special sheets Special rubber padding for principal lift (optional) Blocks for increased bounce for pitch areas For artificial cricket turf with backing that contains PP woven fiber layer Custom options as per the size of pitch per client requirement   Advantages : Custom designs for individual specifications Free maintenance advice Performance Tested and approved based on International Standards Flawless Installation carried out by licensed professionals Applications International Sports Stadiums Local and private Cricket pitches Schools and University Cricket grounds Tournaments Halls Playgrounds and Sports Clubs Custom options as per the size of pitch per client requirement When it comes to selecting the right turf for cricket, whether its a natural or synthetic pitch, Apex Sports has a diversity of choices for our clients with both surfaces, fake or natural being treated and manufactured to accommodate a playing resolution as per the field to be applied in. We make sure that all our cricket artificial turfs, have only the best texture and working characteristics to help heighten the performance of the player, better ball bounce and circumvents the possibility of injury to a player while performing. Our pitches are also known to endure severe foot impact and shock absorbing tendencies to lower the risk of knee, ankle or foot sprain to the athletes or sportsman performing on the surface. Our cricket pitches are also prepared as per customers specifics and dimensions, so no client is left unserviced with Apex Sports. Multi Sports Grass Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Apex Sports is a brilliant choice when it comes to manufacturing Multi Sports Grass. We have granted many schools, universities, clubs and many private sports organizations with all-time sports playing facility complete with weather resistant, other safety, and sports skill improvement terrain surfaces. Our multi-sports grass surfaces provide children and sports personal a chance to be more energetic and playful. Synthetic grass is outfitted with drainage facility and has encouraged children to play safely, even if they encounter rain. All our installations are accurately installed by our team of specialists, to the precise condition of the field. We also provide very definite and visible line markings, so the athletes can have a better judgment of the game. Multisports grass can be marked for multiple sports like tennis, netball, hockey, etc.   We even can mark a running track with various colors to distinguish the sports. Our multi-purpose grass surface allows the field administration, to set up flexible nets in order to accommodate multiple sports activities simultaneously. We install these multi grass surfaces even at residential properties for more sophisticated apartments, that offer countless services and activities for the resident to practice or play. Our landscape projects are fitted with multi-purpose grass turfs for landscapes at commercial estates as well. The scenic beauty and low maintenance prove cost-effective, compared to natural grass as it does not involve the use of high maintained, irrigation, fertilization and lawn mowing.   Technical Specifications : Synthetic grass with a 19 mm thickness turf PE to deliver natural spin of the ball Court turf of a Dual backed PE also installed with a 19 mm thickness The turf surface contains a PP cloth or mesh with a non-woven base that is coated with SBR glue Sand infill options are available with a maximum of 37 mm thickness in artificial turf Standard yellow or white markings available on multi-purpose grass for various sports activities Superior quality of raw materials as per IAAF, ITF, BWF specification standards   Advantages : Perfect for sports like football, Cricket, badminton, etc. Ideal for other outdoor events such as wedding receptions, practice fields, anniversaries, school activities, etc. Risk of injury diminished with strong grip and shock absorption surface Non-allergic and toxin free surface Resistance to weather phenomena and extreme temperatures Apex Sports provides our customers with only the best turfs because we want our clients, to approach us for more business. That is why we never compromise on quality and put service before money. All our multi grass surfaces are standard and tailor-made and we can accommodate our clients with technical specifications, that meet international standards for sports like tennis, cricket, football, hockey, volleyball, sandwich tracks, golf, etc. We first accumulate all the needs and specifications of the client and provide the quintessential advice on what best suits their construction, we then have our engineers work on the design and dimensions. After running several important inspections and analyses by our quality auditing professionals, both within the organization and quality reviewing sports certifiers. Once all scores are given the green signal and approved, we ship them out to be installed by our professionals ASAP. EPDM Flooring Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Apex Sports equips our customers with an EPDM Flooring for sports. This flooring is widely contemplated as a good alternative, where sports ventures for children may require protection from injuries while playing a particular sport. Apex Sports EPDM sports floorings are available in any specific custom configurations and measurements with multiple layers of rubber as per requirement. All floorings are available in multi-color options, offering an amazing appeal and safety at the same time. EPDM flooring is extremely straightforward to install and even simpler to maintain. The EPDM flooring is regularly used for jogging, volleyball court, and running tracks. All these Apex Sports floorings are available with warranty and are sharp for outdoor and indoor use acknowledging that it is also weather resistant.   EPDM flooring is so prevalent that Apex Sorts is committed to serving clientele from schools, universities, hotels, clubs and other recreational vicinities. All our EPDM rubber systems can be used in high temperatures and even best revised for cold or humid exposed temperatures. All athletes can easily identify all the resilient characteristics of using EPDM flooring in outdoor sports.   Technical Specifications : Standard range prescribed between 15 mm and 36 mm Constructed with a two-layered SBR black based rubber Topped with a 7 mm layer of EPDM coloured granules Floor can be created as per child safety offering critical falling height In case of compacted stone bed product has a concrete base or asphalt Contains Adhesive Applications All EPDM surfaces are prefabricated with PUR bonded granules of rubber Excellent Static Tolerance of 400 psi Excellent tensile strength with 200 psi   Advantages and benefits of EPDM Flooring with Apex Sports : We implement a 1-year warranty Custom made designs and conventional references Weather resistant Customised Thickness Accurate installation Quality superiority Excellent protection due to EPDM use Excellent Static Tolerance of 400 psi Excellent tensile strength with 200 psi EPDM flooring can also be used in gymnasiums and weight lifting gyms. With the remedy of its wear and tear resistance and softness, it makes it absolute for any falls or weight drops. Even implementing sound insulation and long-term durability. EPDM flooring also gives the perfect UV resistance in case outdoors and provides stronger traction for better athlete performance. EPDM flooring for sports assures elasticity and shock proofing. EPDM is extremely cost effective and is a good consideration for budget limit operations for sports vicinities. EPDM flooring is also regarded environmentally safe and provides flexibility and mobility during installation. It can also be fitted and tailor-made to act as the floor covering for any sports activity, that may require the same characteristics. All Apex Sports EPDM flooring is accessible at the most set market valued pricing and delivers superior achievement in comparison to other grades. With all rubber floorings inspected for quality wear and tear by our professional team of engineers, who have devoted their time and efforts to deliver a quality Apex Sports certifications. Together with engaging International Standards and safety norms, Apex Sports is considered any clients premium selection for Safe and secure EPDM flooring sports tracks and courts.