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Apex Sport Surfaces (I) Private Limited

Sports Products

Based in Mumbai (Maharashtra), Apex Sport Surfaces India is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified Manufacturer and Supplier of Sports Products such as Sports Court Flooring Indoor Sports Floorings, Wooden Stage Flooring, Rubber Tiles Flooring, Parquet Wood Flooring, Duck Flooring, Rubber Gym Flooring, Wooden Wall Cladding, Outdoor Sports Floorings and many more. We provide superior quality range of highly durable, reliable, dimensionally accurate and robustly constructed Sports Products. Manufacture using innovative technologies and top grade raw materials, our products guarantee long service lives. Furthermore, they are made in accordance to standards approved by world-renowned organizations like The World Squash Federation, Federation of International Basketball Association, and DIN etc. Furthermore, they can be customized as per requirement and availed in bulk as well.

Indoor Sports Floorings

We are prominent manufacturers, suppliers and service providers from Mumbai, Maharashtra dealing with sports floorings. We offer a huge range of Indoor Sports Floorings that include floorings for wooden squash court, wooden badminton court, wooden table tennis court, and others.

  • Badminton Court Flooring
    Since the mid 18th century, badminton became a popular sport with the then known British India. The sport was created as a recreational activity among the British soldier who was stationed in India at that time. The court consisted of either wooden tiles, concrete floors or vinyl sheets in a

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    Badminton Court Flooring

  • PU Flooring
    Apex Sports offers athletes a chance to ensure the best sports by maximising a players potential. We are well reputed as a branded company because of all our superior raw materials and previous flooring designs. PU flooring is the best known for its plastic quality, that has its own features best

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    PU Flooring

  • Rubber Flooring
    Apex Sports stringently believes in providing high-quality rubber flooring, which is widely available in multiple dimensions, sizes, and thickness. We are a brand recommended by International and National standards of manufacturing Rubber floorings, from superior rubber based raw materials. We

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    Rubber Flooring

  • Squash Court Flooring
    Apex Sports has great pride in the production of Squash Court Floorings, especially considering, we were the first to be WSF approved in India, for our state of the art International standard of Squash court. We have turnkey solutions, for all squash court construction, that incorporates all

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    Squash Court Flooring

  • Vinyl Flooring
    Apex Sports offers you a deal of a lifetime, with heterogeneous floorings that are Vinyl based. We ensure that all athletes, have an excelled advantage on the playfield designed and installed by us. We are entrepreneurs in design, product finishing, and custom sports surface terrains. We are well

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    Vinyl Flooring

  • Wooden Flooring
    If an indoor sports court is being built or renewed, a dance studio or a multipurpose arena with hardwood wooden flooring, the best solution will be found here. Apex is aManufacturer and Supplierof high quality solid wood boards or wooden flooring for all types of sport courts and gyms, including

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    Wooden Flooring

Acrylic Synthetic Court Floorings

  • Basketball Court Flooring
    Basketball is considered as one of the worlds most popular sports and is the most popular game in the US, it has now gained popularity all over the world. We at Apex Sports incorporates USA flooring technology, in all our Indian Manufactured Sports Floorings, to provide optimum efficiency. We have

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    Basketball Court Flooring

  • Multi Purpose Court Flooring
    Apex Sports has the expertise and wisdom when it comes to making the perfect Multi-Purpose Court surfaces. We implement USA based technology and analysis and provide our clients with a more versatile sports surface. Our rubber and PU sports surfaces, offer only the highest quality of terrain for

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    Multi Purpose Court Flooring

  • Tennis Court Flooring
    Making a right choice in the type of flooring for any sports is not an easy job, Apex Sports is a leading consultant and manufacturer for all types of flooring for sports activities. All our products are well certified, with Olympic level standards that set us on an international benchmark. We

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    Tennis Court Flooring

  • Volleyball Court Flooring
    Details :  When you plan to envision a volleyball court, the chances might be, that you imagine a sandy surface or a hard court in inclosed doors. Apex Sports knows that there is more to the sport than just any ground. A better flooring helps bring liveliness and sportsman performance to the

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    Volleyball Court Flooring

Synthetic Acrylic Track

  • Dual Durometer Track
    In order for an athlete to excel and break a record in the track field, the athletic surface has to be manufactured in a specific way, to excel an athlete's aptitudes to his/her highest potential. Whether you are considering devising a track for your floor areas or creating an IAAF standard track,

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    Dual Durometer Track

  • Full Pour Multi Layered Track
    Apex Sports are masters of manufacturing when it comes to fabricating the best full pour multi-layered track. With the alliance of our superior grade raw materials and using USA based technology and research, we are able to provide our patrons with exceptional execution enhancing running tracks.

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    Full Pour Multi Layered Track

  • Paved Plate Synthetic Track
    When you pick Apex Sports Paved in Place Synthetic Track surfaces for your sports facility, you earn on a lot of multiple factors that we take great consideration in. Everybody knows, that it is harder to run in a dessert than to run on a paved road. In the same way, the quality of the surface

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    Paved Plate Synthetic Track

  • Sandwich Synthetic Track
    When it comes to a Sandwich Synthetic Track, Apex Sports is well outfitted in making hybrid tracks for both textured spray polymeric and PU track systems. Sandwich system tracks are more cost-effective and do not need any excessive maintenance to uphold. Apex Sports offers track systems that are

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    Sandwich Synthetic Track

Synthetic Turf

  • Synthetic Hockey Turf

    Synthetic Hockey Turf

  • Synthetic Football Turf
    Football is a global phenomenon that has people hooked on the sport. Also considered as the game of the world, since the sport is packed with intense running and athletic moves. The sports demands for a magnificent playing surface and infrastructure. We at Apex Sports, thrive to enhance the entire

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    Synthetic Football Turf

Other Sports Products

  • PP Tiles
    Apex Sports are leading manufactures in the production of all outdoor flooring. When we consider PP tiles in the use of flooring, it is best put to use at all outdoor construction, since they are manufactured from superior quality plastic, that provides a long-lasting performance. PP tiles are also

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    PP Tiles

  • EPDM Flooring
    Apex Sports equips our customers with an EPDM Flooring for sports. This flooring is widely contemplated as a good alternative, where sports ventures for children may require protection from injuries while playing a particular sport. Apex Sports EPDM sports floorings are available in any specific

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    EPDM Flooring

  • Artificial Green Wall
    With the scarcity of space in commercial and residential properties, plantations and horticulture implementation has become a controversy. Besides that, having a wall with plain artificial concrete can be quite monotonous to look at. Apex Sports takes it to a new level by offering our clients an

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    Artificial Green Wall

  • Multi Sports Grass
    Apex Sports is a brilliant choice when it comes to manufacturing Multi Sports Grass. We have granted many schools, universities, clubs and many private sports organizations with all-time sports playing facility complete with weather resistant, other safety, and sports skill improvement terrain

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    Multi Sports Grass

  • Artificial Bermuda Grass
    Details :  When it befalls to grass, there is no better field, than having to watch an elegant meadow or lawn of grass. The grass is nature's landscape at best. We all have had some grass encounter, whether it was playing with a ball, or simply rolling on the grass, lazing in the shade on a hot

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    Artificial Bermuda Grass

  • Artificial Cricket Pitch
    Details : When it comes to cricket, everyone knows the entire game performance, ultimately depends on the nature of pitch the game is played. The captain of the team, along with the team experts, analyze the field and advice the captain what is the first option, batting or fielding, to give an

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    Artificial Cricket Pitch